finkel and einhorn?...

why is this surprising that these two are together???
why shouldn't Kayne want to be with this busty bald headed chickie.
If anything, she's got style, she's fucking weird and she's just trying to get in where she fits in.
I was reading this blog called Bossip. Which made me vomit in my bed almost all over Randy (Randy's my macbook) at how horrible the site is put together. Its like they took no effort at all to even try to be presentable. 
So what! he found a big booty bald headed model.
They're prolly in Paris right now. Buying up clothes, doing coke, taking turns doin' it in the butt!
Bottom line....... WHOS CARE'S??!?
Get over it bloggers... and please get off the whole 50 cent and uhh what his name. fat dude uhhhh Rick Ross ... yeah wtf. haha yall are a trip!