wtf is up...

so lately I've been looking like this.. (but brown)
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so I've been trying to do more of this... Photobucket
but then shit keeps getting in way and its making me do more of this...
Your mind is a funny thing.
I feel like ive lost connection with people.....
maybe thats a good thing, maybe thats a bad thing.
Most of all I felt like i lost connection with myself, and what really mattered to me.
My head hurts, and I don't want it to Hurt anymore...
Chasing money, chasing men, keeping up, fallin' off.
los angeles can make you tired. 
los angeles can kill your dreams
American idols make me vomit.
this so called new media ist cutting it....
Fake rappers.
rapp snitches 
weak broads, fake broads 
thirsty niggas
asshole, butthole, shitface, cunt breath.
its all the same.
Some days people get up, some days they don't.
people laugh, people cry
we're all gonna die.
Soul snatchers..
people who are always looking for the come up...
That should be my next short film...
Great times... is there really the need??..
What is reality.
Who made it up all up in the first place.
Who told me to run this race, why do I want to be here.
What is beautiful. 
Life doesn't look beautiful ...
More like a personal problem...
little dicks. fat chicks, both the same
Am i a bitch for thinking that.. 
see what i mean..
the mind is crazy thing.
cops and robbers.
without one would there be the other?
who do you choose..
Uptight, too tight cant get in!
MTV you are killing my soul.
jew's own BET. wtf
were all racist
no hope. no jobs
no morals no future.
jealousy has too many kids
fake is indeed the new real
flat tummies is the way to go..
kanye is a god... beyonce is our savor. wtf..
dad's a drunk...
mom's a punk
brother and sister ________
....we all cant be like MIKE
fuck, i need a therapist!

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