3 Things I love in this world Vintage, England, And Those Leather chaps that Eddie Murphy wore in the movie Raw.. Unfortunately for you web viewers at home I haven’t found those CHAPS !!”WHAMP WHAMMPP WHAMMMMP”!! But There Is hope!! With its Already a huge success in Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Hull and Manchester “The Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair” This immaculate fester vintage specialists, bargain sellers, 40’s fanatics and those ever so trendy shoulder pad 80s kids … Photobucket Features retro clothes and accessories with an array of stalls by a Closet full of talented new designers . This Mecca for the fashion savvy youth of the north find there second treasures here! So if your down for the dig and the 1,000 ticket tag … I wish you all good will hunting.. But if you cant afford the site seeing in the Capital of punk rock and Austin Powers fashion then I suggest you move your threads and your Hitsville curve don’t leave your 1960s style palette and click hereN . http://www.vintagefair.co.uk/ Dork C3natra

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