blag magazine

hi my name is Jenny and i have a slightly unhealthily obsession with magazines.... now that i got that out. i hope you can understand why i would spend 13 bucks on a book of 109 pages. BLAG magazine something that i have never read before. I was shifting through a BARNES in hollywood waiting for a meeting to start, and BAM N*E*R*D was on the cover a magazine. Picked it up saw who else was featured so i decided to buy it. ,

(oh NERD! how lovely) This magazine was created and still ran by two women. (which i love by the way) They started the magazine in the 90's while in art school.. (yeah i got all this from the website) they feature music and lifestyle on an international level. The interviewing and writing in this magazine is a little different. Not what your used to from a magazine. The subjects they choose to touch on makes me happy i can read. and if your a glossy paged photo freak like me, you'll love it. I can say overall im happy with my $13.00 buy, and i think ill be back for the next issue.. blagmagazine.com

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