"Hello New World" This Dork C3natra but you can refer to me as C3natra

This is my first post on Moonslut so like the gentlemen I am I will give A brief description about Myself.

  • I am black (Depending on what you consider Black)
  • I am also a guest Blogger for this blog. Speaking of which the only reason I was offered this Acclaimed position was not because of my asteamed accolades ! No No not at all It is simply to aware the viewers of my 6 year love triangle between Jenny and her Lohemman’s spreads which are now on sale 35% “I apologize for the On necessary promotion!”
I stumbled across this great American musical in midst of a Bingo Tournment in Santa Barbara at 3 am surrounded by bunch of old white women “Don’t Ask”. Nevertheless Unless you've been living under a rock in the 80’s Richards is the writer of musical pieces like Marry Poppins, Cinderella, and The Sound of Music. This scene is one of my favorite clips from the movie were the flirtatious Ado Annie explains her open leg policy to any and every man who whoo’s her and how it effects her. EXCUSE ME out there befor you jump to conclusions this is not to promote women bashing or my male chauvinistic outlook on life by exploiting young women!! “Well maybe a little” but its all in good fun. So please enjoy the mindless and submissive actors of the past ...C3natra Dork

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