JILL SCOTT IS AN AMAZING WOMEN! I'm so glad that she blessed us with another album. Its time that the beyonce craze gets pushed out! This album wasn't her best but it still wasn't disappointing at all. She still stayed true to the blues and poetry that shes known for. I remember being into Jill Scott before I even knew who she was. Growing up in Valencia alot of people weren't into that type of music. Then in the 10Th grade finding out who she was when WHO IS JILL SCOTT vol.1 dropped i knew this was a women that i could ALWAYS look for in music to bring creativity and realness. She for sure is going down in the books as a classic voice. My boy hit me up this morning and said this album was like sex for the ears! (haha KYLE) and i agree with him. Its smooth as hell and i love it!! GO GET PEOPLE!! fav tracks: Crown Royal, My love, Only You, Rightness. My favs at this moment! with this a keys and badu dropping soon its gonna be a good season for my girls!!! <3

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Doe Boy Fresh! said...

I think Alicia's shit is gonna be banana's! What I have heard so far is mad nice!