Janelle Monae

WHOA!!! This chick is super dope. Janelle Monae, alot of people don't really know who she is. Its not like she has videos all over like Ciara, Shes a different type of R&b. Shes unlike anything we are seeing right now. Her voice is amazing and her melody is amazing. Her presence is UN-real/amazing. I love people who aren't afraid to be themselves and this women is most def on her own page. Look out her people. and go get that album its well worth it. It sounds like trip on OutKast/Prince/Micheal Jackson! Shhhhhhit i don't even know. All i know is that this chick is dope by all means. DONT SLEEP!!! once again im in love. I think music is slowly getting better. Lets buy into postive beautiful noise!

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