Common Once Again <3

Okay! As most of you know my obession with Common!! And i must say i like older men, i dont know why but i do. But what makes his new video even more great Lily Allen is in it. Shes dope. For more than one reason. But what gets even better than that is Mr. Piven himself. I dont know what hes doing in this video but damn hes a cutie. So eff all of you that say no to older men. An older man means stability. Better get with it ladies. hahaha. But anywho Very good video and im glad to see Lauren London in it! HOTNESS! Keep on doin you thing girl!! once again im in love<3

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chelsea said...

I would just like to add tha ti have been in love with jeremy piven since the days of PCU! he has always been a hottie to me!