HYPE! SUPER DUPER HYPE! Okay i know a few people that think Kanye is fake and what not. His style of dress, hes taking an "urban" thing and making it mainstream. Those aren't my thoughts, thoughts of some kat i know. Really i think that Kanye is what he is. I respect him... i guess. He just like to make music geezus is that a crime? Hes constant with being him. He's outspoken about alot of things artist don't know about, or care to speak about. He's mainstream, and thats what his career was made to be. Kate Moss is who she is, High Fashion.. and that vida chick is who she is... trash!! aww that was mean. Oh well. The CD. I think its alright. I don't think I've heard the full album. Fave songs so far... Flashing Lights feat Dwele Homecoming feat Chris Martin oh yeah and him bustin' out on ENTOURAGE this past week didnt see that comming. Well i guess so they were playing his song like 4 ep. before this one. (i love that show) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket damn J.Piven is hot! geezus! Thanks Kyle for the tunes! Also check for that Blu and Exile album, go BUY that!!!! fuck 50! (i had 2 sorry haha)


Doe Boy Fresh! said...

Its is more than evident to me that Kanye touches dicks that aren't his!

I'm jus sayin'

Anonymous said...

yeah but that still doesnt stop him from makin good music.
waaaaaay better than that damn 50 cent! Gang bangin is sooooo 80's

Doe Boy Fresh! said...

So now that I have had a chance to listen to my bootleg copy of Kanye's lastest effort here is my overall Rating- Here at Wreckless Eyeballin, I given a lot of thought about what kind of rating I would use on my reviews. I can’t do mics, t-shirt sizes are just dumb, and stars are boring. I’ve chosen to use: Boobs.

A Cup = Terrible. Audio Herpes.

B Cup = Ehh, ok has it’s moments.

C Cup = Just over the line into “Good territory”.

D Cup = Enjoyment has been attained. Brag to your buddies.

DD Cup = Perfection. Line up for High 5s, you lucky fuckers.

That being said, I’m giving Kanye West’s Graduation a B Cup rating.

Hahahahaha I'm just sayin'

this is me: come experince Jenny's triogly said...

OH MY GOD!! haha your crazy. that was good tho. I can understand that better than mic t-shirts all the!!

i give you c cup for the thought!