Thats It??

To the average BET watcher this video is probably AMAZING! Okay lets break it down. The helicopter shots of Hawaii, are amazing no matter how you look at them.. [hype or not] Mary had the same amazing shots in like 97. Keyshia Cole even surprised me with her video Heaven Sent. [clap clap]  Rock the boat... and the list could go on.. But Yeezey.... man this is the only song i like from the album and that's what he did with the video?? is he bored??? is he putting things out cause he has to? wasting millions on a dumb concept?
Badu can drop an album with one video and still sell a million.
oh wait, i know.. hype had his hand in this didn't he? it looks like a hype video. i think Kayne shouldn't of been in jungle lip singing.. the shots of him on the boat looking crazy and mad rich were better then whole video. awe kayne how i love to hate thee. you are a problem that will never ever be solved..
 xoxo jennyb.

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