I think i love that word more then most people...
Lady Gaga.. oh wow.  this chick. its kind of hard to get away from her voice and that crazy Blondie wig.
Over all I must say that I'm not mad at her for whatever it is that she is doing.
She does remind me of an old friend. Like the way they look, talk and all that oversexed business.
At least in her videos she looks like she is trying to put on a good show. Its pop music I know, which means i should be in for a damn good show.
Trying to keep up with choreography, being nasty like she knows she really is.  She has that loud early 90's dance feel to her voice, and i like it. 
Don't know if I'd buy an album, but I would for sure be making it to the dance floor in a club if her song was being played. And i kinda wanna party with this chick....

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MBN said...

I love this chick!!!!!!