so cold blooded...

so i know this guy, who is a client of the company i work for..
his name is Russell Wetantson he's been on CNN,E! and all those other gossip news channels.
He's a really cool guy...      www.popsquire.com 
well anyway he posted this PSA for teens who get beatin' up by their boyfriends. But the re-enactment was from the detecive notes of the Chris Brown and Rhianna case.
Im sorry i laughed [I know this sucks that people get beat up by their boyfriends and husbands every fucking day.. ]
i laughed because it's an insane number of women who let men beat on them. I dont get it. I wouldn't even let me father hit me when i was a bad ass kid. And I remember my father telling me.. "DONT EVER LET A LOW LIFE HIT ON YOU, YOUR WORTH SO MUCH MORE THEN THAT"
Thanks Pop, I love you and I am truly blessed to have a man in my life who knows what's up...
Back to Chris Brown & Rhianna's wack ass. Homegirl you took him back, [like they always do] he dissed you again and now look at you... you want sympathy.. im so tired of walking past magazines with ur big as head on it. and that wack ass nigga on it. Im so over it.... 
If your going to call the cops on your bf or anyone stick by what happened. Don't get all bamboozled by his apologies.
[i have stories for days on things i've seen with boyfriend and girlfriends fighting]
Now you look even more stupid then your wanna-be Kelis/"badgirl" image. your SUPER wack!!!
here's the PSA! 

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