ru paul's drag race.. is the shit!

i dont know what it is about this show but i freaking love it!
its crazy tho... how does Ru Paul look better than Tyra Banks?? (I think Tyra needs some tips on how to run a proper talk show... and uhh how to stay in shape. her body scares me! haha.) 
It has all the elements of AMERICANS NEXT TOP MODEL but waaay better!
I love Ru's humor!
"im so excited i can just spit" or what kills me every time. "..and dont fuck it up"
Please watch this show if  you have not done so already. I watch it on LOGO. But I'm pretty sure you can watch full ep's online. Just look up Ru Paul's Drag Race.

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Doe Cheese said...

Haha I love this show.Its so over the top

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