my ipod loves me..

really. if you're a consistent iPoder like myself maybe you can get with me on this. (Even if you have a zune whatever tickles your fancy for listening to your tunes.) Random is the best. Especially when you just uploaded up your favorite overseas slow jam. As I'm sitting here trying to edit an old photo of me and cousins from 85'. Check it: <span class=
cuzin kiki, jennyb., jak(this photo is classic, great story behind this..) 
Like i was saying the iPOD!
this is what my ipod just spit out:
dR. dre: let me ride
steely dan: the royal scam ( WHAT!)
eXILE-ghostface: Milk 'Em
john West: thought i was 
another Exile: track 9 (radio PROMO)
jamiroquai- falling
common- a film called PIMP
The exactly presents: your new favorite mix tape- Love Don't
(go download this mixtape if you dare)
... now its moved on to DJ PREMIER instrumental 
i heart you mister ipod!

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