kayne lost his mind...

okay. after ready his piece in Vibe I can really say Kanye has lost his mind.
But in a weird way kid is very smart. In the Vibe interview you can feel his tone in the words. He went from calm to aggressive. Challenging  the interviewer's questions, I have to give props to the man. 
That still doesn't change the fact dude lost his damn mind. 
watch this video below, its like he's funny but the fact that he cries for attention is what gets weird. If some kid you know is always talking about himself your going to get sick of it.
And yes, Jenny is sick of hearing this nigga boast about himself. Congrats Kayne you changed the way white America looks at hip-hop. Congrats Kayne, you've been around the world and adapted to a culture that you are showcasing now (CUDI). Please Kayne, go enjoy your money, go away. Come back in a few years and shut everyone up, but until then please SHUT UP!
A message from kwest on Vimeo.

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