nothing better then heading to the rock to smoke one and drink a light beer and watch Palin make an ass out of herself!! All she had were stories from the snow that no one down here gives a rats ass about. She was smiling so much for some odd reason. She looks like one of those moms that used to come into the footlocker when i was a manager back in day and try on sports bras and not pay for them! There is something in her eye that just doesn't sit right with me. oh oh oh, and she wanted to take the polar bears off the endangered list so they can drill oil?? are you fucking kidding me. i love polar bears! crazy bish. i know a lot of people now-a-days are saying I'm not a registered party member yada yada yada. mother flippers better get out there and vote. this is our life. this is our future, if our generation even has one left. oh and for all you who said Obama is the anti-Christ! who in world is Sarah Palin huh? I don't know and her views and that smile scares the shit out of me!! obama 08!

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ape james said...

An older woman came up to me today, and said that i resemble barack obama..haha, i can't wait to see him on the 4th when he comes to chicago