aeo lab LLC.

so i work in suite 9 and Aeo Lab llc is suite 10. Man, for the past 7 or so months i had no idea what these people really did. I knew their office space was pretty dope. I know the people above us run some gay fetish magazine. and we found that out in a raw way. Leather whips and a sex swing in the window, crazy slave photo shoots in the court yard! Yeah one must ask after seeing crazy shit like that. But back to AEO LAB, so i looked them up and wow, that shit is pretty dope.

Aeolab is a design & technology firm. and do all this: Our services include: + research and ideation for devices, spaces, and sites + custom hardware design and circuit layout + software system design and programming + lighting design, control and automation + architectural interventions and enhancements + networked devices + hybrid software/firmware/hardware/online systems + installation design and engineering yeah some crazy shit right. and then they make stuff like this: Working with Sony Design Center (LADC) Aeolab designed and developed two working prototypes of electronic devices aimed at children and powered by harnessing user-generated kinetic energy. The camera prototype has no battery and no buttons - pictures are taken continuously while the hand crank is turned. The image viewer contains a lithium battery that is charged by driving the device around on its wheels. Energy input is indicated by the blinking sequence of LED lights. Both prototypes were part of a presentation introducing the concept of the new eco-conscious Sony ODO line of consumer electronic devices, unveiled in Tokyo in the spring of 2007. and this Lumiloop is a modular system of program and display panels that can be chained together to form a reactive bracelet. Each display module features a small 8x8 LED matrix, dynamically driven by an interchangeable program module i just find it amazing what people can come up with by using their minds. being creative is great and kind of scary! haha. hats off to you AEO LAB! I'm proud to be your neighbor..

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