oh Rihanna!

I don’t really care for this women. And it's not for the same reason most people don't like her. Most guys that talk about her always say.. "man Rihanna is hot" then you have the ones who think she’s soooooo ugly. Really i could care less about her looks. But talent and style, yeah that’s when I come into the picture. Ever since her latest album she looks like she’s trying to be someone or something that she’s not. I don’t think the outfits she wears on the red carpet are ugly. NO NO NO. Her stylist has mad style. But I just don’t get it. Her style doesn’t reflect in her music and that’s how I know she’s super fake. I love women who can take charge of their look and make it their own. Artist such as: Bjork! oh and you know my Fave KELIS!!
Yes indeed you look very different, you stand out, buutt!!!!! DO YOU OWN WHAT YOU WEAR??? Do own that hair cut? Rihanna Sweety you DONT!! Another women i love to see Ms. Jack Davey! Style is something that comes from with-in. Not everyone has it! Not everyone can afford it. BUT, you make it YOURS no matter what! Now let’s take a look at Rihanna at the Grammys.....
okay miss thing. That blue get up is HOT! but its not you. Even the ostrich belt halter. Fire. The 70's Native American get up! MAN. you have the body girl but its not you!!!!!
It wasn’t just Rihanna who got voted the worst, but I loved the get ups I just don’t understand why she cant wear it!! oh well. thanks for listening....


Anonymous said...

thats why rihanna is selling more than kelis or bjork and rihanna is more than gorgeous is that why rihanna fan base is world wide!! stop hatin on the black madonna thats who she looks up to not bama ass kelis!!!

ms. jay bee said...

I respect what you had to say anonymous writer! BUT!
Not once did I ever say that Rihanna was ugly. Haha. But I will say that she is dressed by someone else. No one said anything about her record sales either.The superman dance was a horrible thing, but hey, dumb ass zombies bought into that shit too.
What i was talking about was originality which is something Rihanna lacks!
Rihanna will only be a Madonna because she TRY’S to be a Madonna, Madonna was Madonna cause that who she was. She set standards and Rihanna is living below those.
Beyonce is Beyonce because she’s amazing. Kelis is who Kelis is cause shes dope and steps outside the line. Ms Jack Davey(j*davey) is amazing, and super talented.
Rihanna is a pretty face girl who was in the right place at the right time!!
Please! Rihanna falls on the same level as Jessica Simpson. Pretty but WACK AS HELL!!