Fafi meets MAC.

So if you couldn't tell by the art on my blogspot, the art on my myspace, and if any of you have seen my desktop you know my love for FAFI! I wish i could have her come to my house and paint my bathroom! Now that would be dope! I think she has some of the illest drawings and i was stoked to hear that she was making a line for MAC. Im not really into MAC a whole bunch, but they do have some nice stuff.
Whats even more kick ass, my girl Sheba got invited to the first look into the collection this sunday at the MAC in Hollywood and she invited me!! So i can have some crazy MAC artist do me up and FREE BOOZE!! Im so stoked i cant wait to get my hands on some of this!

alright ladies get ready for some awesome make-up!! MAC is dropping the line this Valentine's day!


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