j*davey show!

So i was drunk right!! (CRYSTAL)..... No i was drunk and hot as hell last night at the ROXY in Hollywood but..... The show was amazing. Ms Jack Davey knows how to put on a show. Her whole band does. I think shes going to blow up something HUGE! Shes getting my fav. next to Kelis. And thats a badd chick! I love women who can take charge of the crowd, and feed off fans. She mos def knows what she wants and its orginal. Her style .. ahh to die for. Her outfit was on point! (my two friends who have amazing cameras left them at home!!) Hair buzzed on both sides.... and her voice was most def on point! Rockin out, sweaty and funky. The roxy was jumpin last night!!! If you missed it, sorry for ya! J*Davey is the anwser!

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