I dont know how many people like Common but i know i love him! Not just because hes one the finest Black men to ever bless the industry, but because his words are amazing! It was refreshing to see at the age of 12, a black man who can speak postive in his music. And speak about a black women in different ways other then how you were going to F8ck her and what not! He made it mainstream and im sure glad he did. he is what mainstream BLACK america needs to see. Along with alot of other folks that arent being played on the MTV and BET waves. so i wrote a lil bulletin on his album on myspace just telling my people how much i dug the album. And if you werent thinking about buying it maybe you should think about it for a sec. and go get it! To me Electric Circus was dope shit cause im into all that funky ass music. but this is what a friend wrote me. I dont think he understood the MAINSTREAM part but its okay! I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MUSIC!!!! FRIEND: Wow...Its not on some tell a friend to tell a friend shit Broham! I give it a 7.5 outta 10. I gave the Carter 2 a 7 outta 10 so its good but not great. Why don't you be a dear and go download Big L's first cd if you wanna have an album to "BLOG" about? This shit aint even Commons best album, that was Electric Circus!!!! Burn the whole thing or send to me tho. I missing a few songs. How many did Dilla produce? Oh yeah. MF DOOM's mmm..food is WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

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