Chor's Theory

{As i'm wrapping up a project on Passion this passage/entry/ramble was completely awesome the first time i read it. i dig it. please read on..} ARTISTRY OF AN ALLEGORY The understanding of aesthetics within thyself shall bring great virtue of timeless meaning to the so-called definition of art. It dwells somewhere between your spiritual self and theory realizing the attraction to beauty shouldn't be judgmental, but a connection of feeling, acknowledging the truth of one's self through experience hence the fact of motivational uplifting... especially when you hear a song you like that you haven't heard in a long time - as it makes you feel good inside. You then burst into explosive amounts of energy, The aesthetics of relation.
In turn, the transcended energy of art attracts its audience simply because of relation that ties into a visual stimulus of feeling that runs through photoreceptors (called cones in the retina) and translates throughout the mind sending a burst of serotonin that allows you to smile while electrodes of excitement or healing energy is sent to your heart as well as any other organ throughout your entire body. This moment happened just because the individual experience of a sound-sight-touch-taste-smell-thought etc. It's all art connecting with the perception of self. Elements in time that tie into the simple healing power of color.
Thus released to your soul (spirit), which is carried into the universe and completes the cycle as one. This happens over and over. Time and time again. To the point where we need a blessed healing daily, Hence the fact of POSITIVE ADDICTION. A subconscious trick we tend to believe is real is when the negative ego and negative pride get involved because we're oversaturated with illusion. So when I speak about art or my understanding of art I am facing the reality of illusion through strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, peace, genuine spiritual love and gratitude which is attitude honesty willingness humbleness health wealth knowledge-trusttruth and faith. Which can be moments of understanding the feelings that can be a nanosecond of pleasure that can last a lifetime. In layman's terms... JUST KEEP CREATING.
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