jonez x west

So i have begun my daily reads... I came across an article talking about Spike Jonez and Mr. Kayne West are teaming up again for a short film... Well Well Well..

From what they said: The filming concluded in January and is still in the editing process. The pair collaborated on the "Flashing Lights" video and who knows what the ingenious producer and quirky director has created now.

Editors note that it will run about 10-15 minutes and length and "See You In My Nightmares" from West latest album 808's and Heartbreaks is featured in the film. The fact that no one is getting paid and it was all done in fun should makes fans even more interested in the final project.

Meanwhile, as previously reported Jonze has recruited the likes of Arcades Fires and YEAH YEAH YEAHS for his soundtrack of his next film Where The Wild Things Are..

To be real I can't wait to see what all this is going to look and sound like..
this nigga.. lol

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MBN said...

I just can't help but like this dude!