i guess we're all a lil crazy.

Mind you I had this hair cut about 2 or more years ago. and I'm not gonna lie i was inspired by Kelis to do mine/shock value is always great. But after about 8 months of it, i moved on.
Now I'm totally bald. Its not because Brittany did, or because Amber Rose is rockin' it...
I just don't give a fuck anymore. lol.
And like I told my cousin last year, 2009 is the year people are going to look at Jenny and say this girl really doesn't give a fuck!

but!!!! to all you tag-a-longs trying to stand out for the wrong reasons, we can sense a chick who is trying to hard. and I think Cassie is trying waaaaaaaay too hard. 
Falling into the class with Rhianna? I think so. WACK
What's up with these chicks???

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