crazy beautiful

i remember when i was like in the 5th grade or something we read something on this guy.
Its crazy cause since them i thought i made up these visions, but now its all starting to come back to me.
In A Dream is a 77min documentary on the man Isaiah Zagar & Family, an eccentric, tormented artist. And its making its way to a city near near you.
Check here: IN A DREAM to see where its being played.
I'm going' Thursday at 5:10. How about you??


MBN said...

damn,just the trailer was inspirational, I need to check that out.

Thanks for the hook-up as usual :o)

Jenny B. said...

RIIGHT. it was a very interesting thing to see talent and craziness. how they go hand and hand..
most def will have to be in the collection, it was done so niice too. i loved it.

MBN said...

I can totally relate to that dude just from the trailer. I feel I listen to music so much just to drown out the noises sometimes. don't wanna get taken too far into daydream mode. Can't wait to see it!