15 mins up yet??

somehow i came across this....
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This rather controversial artwork of the leaked photo of a bruised and battered Rihanna by L.A. based [Warhol knock off] pop artist Sham Ibrahim has been causing quite a stir.
Rihanna gets her ass beat, "Chris Brown a Bitch" is a phrase [the whole world will be using in place of ass-beating] now come the opportunists.
Life is grand aint it!?!?
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Karyn Jenius said...

thats just effed up! lol

Jenny B. said...

which part?
a. rihanna beaten face is now a pop art poster?
b. chris brown beating bitches up is now a global phrase?
c. this dude is ca$hing in on "creativity"
d. jenny laughs at all the above?