lil' wayne why oh why

I'm not a fan.. But wtf is going on right now.. I only could watch the first 30 seconds of the video, the girl in the class with her panties all hanging out. lol.. That means your panties don't fit girl. NOT CUTE. Lil Wayne singing? Whatever happen to.. "I like em hot, the one's that dont tell me to stop, eat d!ck.. blah blah blah" Now he's singing about a prom, that he prolly never went to cause he was too busy kickin it with Cash Money and smokin' PCP. Please stop Lil' Lil' ugly Wayne ... And to whoever is buying into this crap please wise up!


kimmie e said...

damn i really wanted to see this video
i feel like it will make me want to go break something after i watch it lol

Hanan A. said...

Oh but people will buy into it....like they always do!