foreign music...

lykke li, if you haven't had the chance to hear her i really don't know what you are waiting for. her album has been out in American since last spring. I think all the American girls were caught up in Rhianna! hahaha here i go again.. No No but for real people Lykke Li is DOPE! The cd has great melody and her voice will make your soul relax. And it helps that shes cute and has style. Another band that I am into is Little Dragon. Swedish group that blends jazz,soul,electronic all in one. Google them youtube them and watch their crazy videos. Its great music.
and my girl KISSEY.. I've posted about this swedish chick before.
you can find her blog to the right of this posting. I don't even know how to explain her.
I think you should go get her album read her blog and you make that decision, what i do know is shes mad talented and weird and i love every minute of it.

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