Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.
-Exile you are the man.... this is really dope.
when i saw Ex at the studio he was working on a an album with a dude named fashun from No Cal. (I have some footage on my camera but i cant find the charger to save my life and pretty much I've just been lazy taking photos and videos off of it. But I will post some of the footage i got when i get back into LA.) 
Exile said he got over 12,000 hits in one day of this video. That's pretty dope mane.
if you haven't already been on to this dude i don't know what your waiting for. Go to Itunes get his shit and if your in LA try to make it down to where ever he's spinning. Trust me not one soul will be on the wall when Ex hits the 1's and 2's.

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