crazy times in the sunshine state

my world yet this far LOS ANGELES.-- i hate to go but i must!! obama--what! but the obama shit on TV has to go. You know the plates and buttons with his face on it.. wtf is going on... he hasn't even really started. We American's are so funny i love it... what else.. i finally put my love for film to the test... i will post the short i was working on. DOPE. Rihanna still makes me puke! Rehab, great video(colors and she's very beautiful) her voice, i threw up. Kanye--- is EVERYWHERE.. its like a tie between Obama and Kayne right now. Britney spears-- yeah i watched it. and i must say it was DOPE! that bitch is bat shit crazy but there is something about her we all love and hate to say we do! Do it... most hated but loved chickie walking this earth right now, something slight of amazing if you ask me.. NO? (light my fire is blaring in the back round) oh and freddy im still waiting on my TRACE magazines from NY! i go home with a smile everyday wishing hoping and praying its there... and its NOT! holler at me Freddy! soon to come... and interview i did on the girls of dime piece designs ooo my bday is coming up eek! -after working who doesnt want to write a blog about nothing and smoke a splif?? ME thats who! xoxo

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