aint knocking the hustle.. im just over it

I believe that if anyone works hard then more power to you. 
If your a coke dealer and you make billions.. then more power to you for making money. BUT... I don't have to respect you.
BEYONCE oh lord. Chick you are going on the list with Rhianna. 
I like to call this list MEDIA MADE b.k.a LACK OF CREATIVITY list. and BEY gets the top spot on that list.
Don't get wrong. B's last album had more elements to it then this album did. All her videos are starting to be the same thing. Great film and dumb ass song. I would love to see more creativity coming from Beyonce who is supposedly this great writer? Did she write any of her hits??. And who in the hell wrote this DIVA song?? You made 80 million dollars last year chick. What's hood about you? Why you jiggin around like Ciara (who rocks fucked up weaves and thinks 50cent is cool) You prolly grew up in a 4,00o sq ft house. Please...
"single ladies" had a sense of class to it... i don't know maybe I'm wrong?? let me know
quality is something that never lacks in the film world of Beyonce. I guess you have to do that when your WHOLE album SUCKS.

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