gnarles. like no other...

late winter of 06 was the first time i heard a song from Gnarles Barkley. I remember thinking damn that sounds like Cee-lo from Goodie Mobb.. and sure enough it was. I fell in love. I have plenty of people who don't like Gnarles for reason like: 1. There everywhere (coming from someone who is a 50cent fan) 2. They are way too popular ( ha ha ) But how can you deny talent and creativity. I give mad love and props to Cee-lo and Danger for making classic sounds. I had the chance to meet Cee-lo at a party in Hollywood, (ha ha, his eyes told the whole story on how to party) it was a chance of life time to speak to someone you listen to everyday and express how you appreciate their talent! ::sighs:: this is why i love Gnarles! 2 of my fav tracks from odd couple. <3

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