beyonce is a hoochie!

this chick prolly deep down inside lives for the day she can get in something short, something tight and something hoochie .... Well I think all ladies do!! Beyonce has done something that hasn't been done in a long time with women in Media. She makes hoochie look classy. No?

Beyonce is a hoochie! If she was in a turrtle neck and gap jeans we would think she was wack. Its okay B, drop that ass down, open those legs and shake that booty, were watching and we love it!! (another fave classic Beyonce hit KITTY KAT from BDAY, dope and real)

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ape james said...

I watched this video on mute because i'm listening to "kick in the door" by Notorious B.I.G...but beyonce's HAWT, and the choreography/lighting for this video is amazing