you know me then you know how i love scarves...
different colors, lenths, fabrics.. everything about them.
iKat scarves are soooo cute.. and you can find them at this dope new place.... This place just opened this month in Los Angeles on Beverly Blvd called TEN OVER SIX.with a store name and d├ęcor inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the shop is a treasure trove of vintage, limited-edition, and up-and-coming designer add-ons.

While most boutiques only reserve a small corner for jewelry and handbags, TenOverSix is completely devoted to leaving out the ready-to-wear and focusing on those amazing finishing pieces.

it's one of those places that you have to go to believe it! so ch ch check it out! 7420 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 323-330-9355.

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