MTV makes me want to vomit! This years award show was fucking horrible. I'm not big on award shows. But since i was trying to organize my room so I thought hey why not watch this over advertised show. First off let me tell you this. My boss who is an MTV Host ALUM hated it! In her day MTV wasn't that bad. The shows had some sort of entertainment to them unlike these wack ass dating shows. DATE MY MOM and bullshit like that But the award shows were something to watch and to remember. I remember watching these shows and get chills from the performers. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT CHRISTINA AGULERIA WAS PROLLY THE BEST PERFORMANCE. AND THAT'S BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T SEEN HER IN A WHILE. RHIANNA MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT ALL OVER MY BEBE JUMPER! Lil' WAYNE NEEDS TO PULL HIS DAMN PANTS UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE A JIGG. MTV YOU SUCK AND I HATE YOU.. ... I vote for J*davey to open up next year!! and if they aren't "BIG" enough i want to see Santogold or something.... I'm over it...


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Andre said...

this other chick in the blogosphere was talking about seeing christina aguilara, lil wayne, jo bro's, and all these other pop stars under one roof...and me being the non tv watcher, I'm like WTF.

But yeah MTV does suck... it hasn't been good since 1/2 way through real world new york!

swheat blog btw!