my boy Dizzy invited me to this "street wear sale thingy" in Hollywood this past weekend... it's was pretty cool but not many people were there, which is better for me right cause i got to pick from a lot? NO? They weren't a lot of WOMEN vendors here. But once again i got lucky and one of faves was there... HELLZ BELLZ.. i came up on some stuff. dope dope.. but they also hooked it up with a mix tape from ya girl Roxy Cottontail. I heart her. shes mad dope! HELLZ BELLZ  OXY COTTONTAIL - ENDLESS SUMMER MIX This mix tape is ska punk 80's electroclash rock and new rave and its DOPE!! if you have the chance to go download this mixtape please do. you wont be disappointed!! oh yeah and for all of you in LA. she will be at the ECHO this coming up Saturday 9/20 I'll see you there??

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