im a killer yo..

Today started out pretty cool. cool call time of 6:20am nice shower washed the naps and what not... drive to work was a breeze. get to work see a working squirrel trying to eat some trash! so I waited for his lil bushy self to move out of the way. Thought he moved..... I KILLED HIM! I FUCKIN KILL A SQUIRREL TODAY! I SAT THERE IN SHOCK. I STARTED TO CRY. I FEEL HORRIBLE. WHAT IS HE/SHE HAD SOME BABIES AT HOME THAT NEED THE FOOD HE/SHE WAS TRYING TO GET. NOW THEY WILL NEVER SEE HIM/HER AGAIN... NOW THE LITTLE BABIES ARE GOING TO HAVE HUSTLE FOR THEMSELVES AND RISK BEING KILLED BY AN ASSHOLE LIKE ME. Oh I feel horrible. RIP little squirrel RIP

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