Have you seen it? I mean have you really seen this mutha flippin car on the road.. Oh my G-O-D. The exhaust is enough to make your heart pound in such a way that it turns you on! The 08' Audi R8 did things to me last night that a man hasn't in a loooooong time! This car is amazing, V8 ENGINE with 4.2 liter displacement producing 420 hp moving this mutha to 60mhp in 4.4 sec. HOT DAMN! I THINK I'M IN LOVE! the headlights are even sexy, gas dis-charge lamps. i could go on and on.... okay okay at the starting price of 112,000 i don't think ill have this in my drive anytime soon, but i for sure will be dreaming about that exhaust sound for days!!! <3

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