kinda brief....

(one word:unique.) some people are so un-natural. i like this dude. At a friendly get together, and Me and Jonny were conversing about an old friend(person we both knew) and dude is in the video. "YO! is that Ellis??" haha it sure does look like it huh. so anywho, i did some reading and asked some people if they knew this kat, most haven't, so i Wikipedia him to learn a little more about this kat. Pretty interesting if i don't say so myself. Produces his own videos. I'm down with that. I like this dude swagger. Many people don't have their own swag to them. i don't really know where this going. this is a drunken entry for all you people out there in space land. Guess i just got bored and wanted to let you know i dig this dude. I wish i could see more of him and not have it be late at night COME ONE MTV AND BET PLAY SOMME MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!
thank you for listening..
now watch.

ps. damn i wish i could skate like that!!

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