Dear Entertainment Newscasters...

Its crazy how someone like myself who wants to work in broadcasting hates you so much. You guys pride yourselves on making peoples lives more than a living hell then it already is. You report on the same bullshit all day and prolly get good money for doing a tacky ass job. I do understand that you work for Inside Editon not NBC, but when NBC starts headlining their once acclaimed cast with the latest in Britney Spears and Kevin drama, you cant help it but hate to watch to TV and or listen to the radio. I do understand that this is "entertainment", but then you cant help but notice that there things going on that i rather hear about because it might effect my life,travels, and MONEY very soon!!! I could watch CSPAN and learn about topics that you aren't talking about, but what about local shit CSPAN and or CNN can't touch. That's where you guys are supposed to come in. But instead you guys are taking up most of the prime time with lies and and vicious rumors. i don't care that Eddie Murphy got married, and it wasn't a surprise that they broke up. I don't care that Lil' Wayne got caught with Coke and Pot and Guns on a tour bus. And large amounts at that! I don't care that Lindsay Lohan says shes never gonna drink again. What i do care about is that Lindsay and Lil' Wayne not be able to walk and drive on these streets that i live on!! When these "GODS" kill someone who do you blame, them or the people who broadcast the drama and kept them "working". i don't know just some thoughts... ps. i do understand that Amy hasn't been herself (whoever that was) in awhile. But where do you get off saying shes SMOKING CRACK!! that is insane. You know when you go out to your "A List parties" you and your homies are kickin back an 8ball. And then say you have the "video" to prove it. I think shes a coke head yes! But what rich white person isn't in this world come on!! But to smoke coke is something totally different. In the video you can clearly see shes smoking pot. Why don't we stress the fact that alot people need help, and not talk about them at all... so we don't have to have more Heath Ledgers. (RIP) Lets get more positive with our lives! and get people who are sick help! redman please stop fucking me off softly, JennyB.


Anonymous said...

But that's exactly what entertainment news is supposed to cover; the nonsense that is going on in the lives of celebrities. Although it may seem stupid, but it's entertaining. So they're doing their job.

Jenny B. said...

hello anonymous person.
Yes this is true i guess. Welcome to the land of lost.

I'm a PBS kid, all this Hanana Montana taking a photo in a strappy shirt, and then to put her down about taking a "risky photo", doesnt seem like entertianment to me. I sounds like trash, and its BORING!