colin munroe

One thing i do love in this world is MUSIC, and i love to hear shit that makes me want to listen to it on repeat. I love to get sick of a song on my own. I hate to be force fed anything! I was cruising, dropping comments on myspace and on my girl Chelsea's page was 2 dope as songs back 2 back. I love this "remix" "remake" "sample" whatever it is ALL I KNOW IS... this Flashing Lights is just as dope as the first. And the video is pretty creative also. Colin Munroe good job! This kid from Canada is not bad at all. He has only has about 2,500 friends on myspace when wack ass chicks who say they can sing and rap (tila and many many many others) have over 500,000 friends(fans). Crazy how this whole thing we call art works. But pass along the name, check out the myspace, show this kat some love hes dope!

i heart colin munroe

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