oh. she so fly.

HER NAME IS KESH! CREATOR OF KESHWEAR, REMEMBER IT CAUSE SOON TO COME YOU WILL BE OBSESSED WITH THIS WOMEN! Shes a LDN based chick who used MYSPACE to make her creativity known to the world. Shes not even 21 yet and has dressed people around the world along with Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Lupe Fiasco, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, and yes Big Daddy Kane and lately DJ A-TRAK in Complex Mag. This girls style is creative, eclectic and visually outrageous. Modeling, and DJing ( one part of the Coconut Twins) and magazine editor. There is nothing this women cant touch!! I own some KESHWEAR and people love it! Look out America here she comes. She’s definitely a new up and rising star, with sex appeal… As it’s told, sex sells!! She’s got it, the brains, the beauty and definitely the talent!!

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